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Apr 8, 2019 // GRAPHITE Investing News

Graphite Becoming An Essential Element in Lithium-Ion Batteries

Madagascar is beginning to emerge as a premiere mining jurisdiction for graphite, an essential element in the production of lithium-ion batteries. According to a recent article at, the Ampanihy structure in Madagascar could be the next critical source of battery-grade graphite. Of the three major projects in the area, NextSource Materials‘ (TSX:NEXT, OTCQB:NSRCF) Molo Graphite deposit remains especially promising with an exploration target of 141.28 million tonnes at 6.13% total graphitic carbon (TGC). Read more »


Mar 28, 2019 //

Southern Madagascar emerging as global hub for battery-suitable graphite

If you haven’t seen the popular animated film franchise, you’d be forgiven for not knowing much about Madagascar, but that could be changing very soon. Graphite, as one of the most conductive materials, is set to be key to our sustainable future, and recent exploration in Southern Madagascar has identified the Ampanihy structure zone as what could soon become a global hub of battery-suitable graphite. Read more » 


January 18, 2018 // Proactive Investors

The graphite industry’s best kept secret

"So much sound and fury comes out of the Australian market that it’s sometimes hard to keep a perspective on fundamentals.

But by almost every measure, including quality of asset and quality of management, NextSource Materials Inc is ahead."
Read more »


January 17, 2018 // Mining Weekly

NextSource soars on Japanese approval of registered SuperFlake product trademark

"The TSX-listed equity of one of the graphite industry’s best kept secrets, NextSource Materials, has recorded significant gains on Tuesday following a company announcement that Japan has approved the company’s registration of ‘SuperFlake’ graphite as a trademark in the country." Read more »


September 13, 2017 // The Caesars Report

NextSource Materials' Molo Graphite Project featured in The Caesars Report

"Sometimes a decreasing commodity price could be a blessing in disguise, and this seems to be the case for NextSource Materials Inc. (NEXT.TO). Whereas it was able to report very decent economics for a planned graphite mine in Madagascar in 2015, the lower graphite price practically killed pretty much every single graphite project out there as the annual cash flows suddenly weren’t sufficient to make the IRR and NPV acceptable..." Read more » or Download PDF »


August 8, 2017 // Proactive Investors

NextSource Materials’ plans for modular mine construction represent a paradigm shift

"Most graphite companies either hunkered down in an ill-conceived attempt to ride out the storm....." Read more »


June 14, 2017 // Financial Post

NextSource Materials: 100% Modular Graphite Mine in Madagascar

The 100% modular design produces tremendous cost savings up front and operationally. “It it will take just 9 months from the point we have financing to put the mine into operation. The actual on site time it takes to re-connect the modules, is seven days,” said Nykoliation. “It’s like a lego set – you simply connect the pieces together.” Read more »

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