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Rapidly rising demand should put graphite on investors' radar

The Critical Metals Report spoke with Ryan Fletcher (Director of Zimtu Capital) on the growing demand for graphite.  Fletcher states that the demand for graphite is growing rapidly and should be a key mineral on every investors radar.  From the expanding consumer electronics and  electric vehicle market to the historically applications for steel and pencils, graphite demand is poised increase in demand more than three fold by 2020. To read to the full interview by clicking here.

Hybrids, EVs everywhere at Detroit auto show

Cars were displayed at the Detroit Auto Show; while 2012 has hybrid vehicles being shown by every major automaker.  With the explosion of the Hybrid and EV market, graphite demand is poised to increase dramatically. Read more about the new Hybrids and EVs displayed at the Detroit Auto Show by clicking here.

Graphene could revolutionise electronics and other applications

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Graphene - the world’s thinnest, strongest material is also antibacterial

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